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Yowhatsapp Apk Download Free Mod (Dual Whatsapp) 2017


Features YoWhatsapp Apk

Let the application be any; you cannot understand the one without knowing its features well. Features are known as the heart of the app, and therefore we are sharing the few best and unique one of yo whatsapp apk so that you can differentiate between the other modded whatsapp versions and yo whatsapp apk.

Yowhatsapp Apk 

There are more than 11 app launchers icons are available on yo whatsapp apk.
Tick style option is different than other whatsapp modded version.
Videos on yo whatsapp apk can be send up to 700 MB
From the 22 notification icons, you can choose the unique one.
The UI of the yo whatsapp comes in default blue colour
Before you make the whatsapp call to anyone, the confirmation to make one will pop up. On the updated version of yo whatsapp apk, you can even choose which whatsapp contact can call you. YoMods> privacy> incoming calls.
On the main screen, you can set your name by default, and there are much more to explore for.
You can watch the preview of the font style as there are 6 new styles are added, and also you can use Android oreo emojis.
For the chat and app lock, you can use the fingerprint lock/ security.
Up to 1000 chats can be pinned.
From the file manager, you can send any file to another whatsapp contact.
There are bugs and improvements are fixed.
There is album feature, and new calling UI added.
There are more features to explore from yo whatsapp apk, and we can just keep on describing all of them well. We would like you to do look for those features and experience them all by yourself after installing yo whatsapp apk on the Android OS device.

Yo Whatsapp Download & Installation

There are websites already offering the direct download link for yo whatsapp apk and also at the same time they are asking the users to root the Android device first and if not rooting then to download the secondary app for the successful installation of yo whatsapp apk. All these claims and prerequisites are false; few changes on the device settings and you are done, yo whatsapp apk will be installed on your device successfully.

Backup & Uninstall

We already know that you are using whatsapp and therefore if you like to download yo whatsapp apk on the Android device, then kindly take the backup of your chats and shared media and then uninstall the original version of the app.


Now start yo whatsapp download from the secured direct download link provided here.

About Yowhatsapp Apk

People are going crazy over the modded and dual whatsapp version available on the net, and still, there is new mod whatsapp are getting introduced to the world. While we are already talking about the whatsapp modded version, we will take the initiative to introduce the new whatsapp mod version, yowhatsapp apk. The yo whatsapp apk is the trending modded file of whatsapp, and also it is designed exclusively for the Android users by Al Basha. You must be wondering what is new on this whatsapp modded version, or maybe the features must be same like GBwhatsapp or Blue whatsapp. Well, the good news, there are similar or already established features on yo whatsapp apk version.

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